Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 and NX30 release in USA imminent

Chris Burns - Feb 20, 2014
Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 and NX30 release in USA imminent

Today the folks at Samsung responsible for cameras and photography equipment have let it be known that the Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 and the NX30 are hitting the USA. These two devices were first shown to us up close and personal at CES 2014. We got to make the comparison GALAXY Camera vs GALAXY Camera 2 and had some first-impressions time with the Samsung NX30 as well. One has Android, the other most certainly does not.

The Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 will be appearing in the middle of March inside the USA for around $449.99 USD, while the $999.99 NX30 is available right this minute from select retailers and Samsung straight up. The NX30 is a mirrorless shooter while the GALAXY Camera 2 is the replacement – or reboot – of the Galaxy Camera released in 2013.

For the NX30 you’re going to want to take some time to devour the details as this is a much more involved piece of equipment. This device works with an APS-C CMOS sensor with Hybrid Auto Focus as well as a neat 3-inch swiveling AMOLED display and a tilting 1024 x 768 electronic viewfinder.


The NX30 works with NFC for connectivity with your smartphone and you’ll be rolling with SD/SDHC/SDXC card compatibility as well. This device is able to work with Samsung’s Group Share abilities regardless of its non-Android software, working direct with all Android Samsung devices – including the GALAXY Camera 2.

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