Samsung Galaxy A6 and Tab S4 T-Mobile deals include half-off tablet

T-Mobile will start offering the Galaxy A6 smartphone and Galaxy Tab S4 tablet on November 9. Ahead of that arrival comes details of two deals covering both gadgets, one offering the tablet at half-off its regular price, the other offering the smartphone at only $10/month. The devices will be available to purchase both online and in the Uncarrier's retail stores.

Customers interested in the Galaxy A6 can get the smartphone through T-Mobile with an overall $144 USD savings under this deal. The Uncarrier will offer the handset at $10/month with $16 down under its Equipment Installment Plan, assuming the customer gets a new line and signs up for autopay. The discount comes in the form of monthly bill credits over the course of 24 months.

Joining that is the Galaxy Tab S4 deal, which involves a half-off price of $350 over the course of an Equipment Installment Plan. The deal involves a $28 down payment and then $13.42/month for 24 months, assuming autopay is setup. The discount, as with the phone, comes in the form of bill credits.

The tablet deal requires the customer to get a new 6GB or greater Simple Choice or T-Mobile ONE plan with the slate. Both the Galaxy A6 and the Tab S4 support T-Mobile's 600Mhz extended range LTE network, which, as of September, is available in more than 1250 towns and cities in the US and Puerto Rico. T-Mobile's coverage map is available here.

SOURCE: T-Mobile