Samsung folding smartphone may appear at developer conference

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 22, 2018, 6:39 pm CDT
Samsung folding smartphone may appear at developer conference

Samsung may soon show off a folding smartphone after years of rumors about such a device. An invite recently sent out for the company’s developer conference teases the unveiling of “where now meets next” and “the crossroads between the present and the future,” which many believe means a folding phone. Adding fuel to the speculation is an image that some say represents a foldable device.

Samsung’s 2018 Developer Conference will take place on November 7 and November 8, offering access to “knowledge needed to stay on tech’s cutting edge,” Samsung Mobile said in a tweet today. Included with the tweet was an animated invite to the event, which features a centered “>” symbol.

Some speculate the combination of the phrase and “>” symbol are a teaser for the company’s fabled folding phone, which past reports have claimed has been in development for years. The device reportedly features a flexible display capable of folding for portability and unfolding for a tablet-like experience.

Of note, the animation in the teaser shows the “>” symbol open up (unfold) into a straight line, making the speculation seem a bit more credible. It’s hard to imagine that Samsung accidentally used a design that seems to specifically point toward such a major rumor.

Assuming such a device is unveiled during the Samsung Developer Conference, it’s likely that it’ll be a prototype rather than a final product, finally giving people at look at the device they still can’t buy.

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