Samsung F300 Clone might be better than the original

Sure, it blatantly rips off two designs, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily inferior. It has the same dual-faced design of the F300 and F500 from Samsung, but on the media side, in place of whatever controls the Samsung devices used, there is a click wheel just like those of the iPod.

This knockoff phone itself is called the V8 and is a dual-band GSM phone. It has a 2MP camera and a microSD card slot (no word on what the largest capacity it will accept is though.

Like I said, it has two screens; the larger of the two is 2.4 inches diagonally and is on the media player side. The smaller one is 1.4-inches diagonally and is on the phone side. This phone is of course made in China, so it might not be available locally, but if it were, it would cost you about $131.

Samsung F300 Clone Uses iPod Click Wheel on One Face [via pmptoday]