Samsung F110 Adidas phone dropping soon

James Allan Brady - Oct 23, 2007

Well, the co-branding fairies are at it again, this time blessing a deal between Samsung and Adidas. The F110 is actually not that great of a phone if you are a geek, although if you are a more physically fit type of person, it’s great, with and included heartbeat monitor, step counter, and other sports applications.

It’s a 2.5G phone with GPRS/EDGE; there is also a 2” screen, a 2MP cam, and a FM radio tuner. It also has and MP3 player function and I assume a card slot of some sort.

The phone is a slider that looks pretty thin, sleek, and overall good. I would never own one, I am not a fitness minded person, but for those that are, it looks, and functions pretty well from the sound of it. There isn’t a price or availability other than sometime next month.

Samsung F110 Adidas Sport Phone Coming Next Month [via Unwired View]

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