Samsung eyeing Google TV gear with ARM processors according to source

Google TV launched with lots of high hopes from Google, Logitech, and Sony the original partners for the service. All was good for a short while until all the major networks and Hulu promptly banned Google TV from their websites making the future of Google TV questionable in my mind. Sony is still committed to Google TV and now Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Samsung is mulling entry into the Google TV clan.

Interestingly the Samsung offerings are apparently going to use ARM-based processors other than the Intel Atom processors the other gear uses if/when it comes to market. That really makes sense considering that Samsung makes its own ARM chips. Businessweek reports that Samsung had previously considered Google TV and then pulled away when the use of Intel Atom processors was required.

Samsung has offered no official comment and Businessweek gets it information for an unnamed source close to the plans. Samsung reportedly came back to the idea of Google TV when Google removed the requirement to use Intel chips. An insider tipped that ARM-based Google TV devices were coming back in mid-January.