Samsung Exynos with AMD GPU claimed to beat Apple A12 Bionic

Ewdison Then - Jan 25, 2021, 9:17pm CST
Samsung Exynos with AMD GPU claimed to beat Apple A12 Bionic

Samsung’s Exynos has been the subject of much controversy and drama in the past months, especially as its performance gap with Qualcomm’s equivalent Snapdragon chips became more prominent. The company’s semiconductor business has been trying to turn that ship around quickly, especially with a favorable outlook for the new Exynos 2100. That said, the real highlight might still be coming later this year, especially if the combined powers of Samsung and AMD are indeed able to run circles around Apple’s 2019 A12 Bionic chip.

Of course, it’s extremely early to jump to such conclusions, especially with equally early, unverified leaks. Samsung was planning to launch the Exynos chip with AMD graphics next year but the company has allegedly decided to move up the schedule to sometime later this year. That may explain why the chip is already being tested on benchmarking suites, presuming it is the real deal.

Chinese site ITHome says that the GFXBench scores were seen on a Korean forum, making it a hearsay of a hearsay. It pits the still-unnamed Exynos chip with the Apple A12 Bionic used in the 2019 iPhone XS generation. If true, the results are definitely impressive.

The graphics benchmark scores show the in-development Exynos performing almost two times better than the Apple A12 Bionic, at least when taking frame rates into account. There are other GPU benchmarks on mobile, of course, and also other factors to consider before giving the Exynos the graphics crown.

It also bears noting that the Apple chip being compared with is already two generations old. A mobile processor’s overall performance also doesn’t depend solely on CPU or GPU but a combination of both, and two parts coming from different companies could have some growing pains at least in the first iteration.

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