Samsung EVO Plus 256GB microSD card arrives in June

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Samsung has just taken the wraps off a crazy-small way to carry around a lot of data, relatively speaking: the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card. According to Samsung, this is the highest-capacity microSD card in its class, and it comes just in time for all the 4K cameras and VR video rigs hitting the consumer market. Pop the card into your camera, for example, and you can record up to 12 hours of Ultra HD 4K-resolution videos.

Your smartphone probably won't support such a high-capacity card, of course, but the new offering could be an excellent way to add a significant amount of storage to your MacBook Air or tablet, for example. The fast speeds mean it can be used with 360-degree video cameras, as well — the card offers up to 95MB/s read speeds and 90MB/s write speeds.

Samsung says the new microSD card can handle 'extreme conditions,' being x-ray-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof to IPX7, and magnet-proof. It has a UHS-1 Class 10 speed class and a 10-year limited warranty. You'll be able to pack a lot of content onto the card, such as up to 55,000 photos or 23,500 MP3 files.

As you'd expect, though, the card won't come cheap, at least not when it launches next month. The card will be available in the US, Europe, China, and more for $249.99 USD. Check out the timeline below for other new storage cards, adapters, and dongles!

SOURCE: Samsung