Samsung drops YA-BS900 and YA-BS300

James Allan Brady - Jan 11, 2008

No the BS doesn’t stand for what you think it does, it stands for Bluetooth stereo, which is what these two units are, stereo speakers that get their audio primarily from Bluetooth sources. One of them is clearly more mobile than the other, but they both crank out 3D Surround Sound.

The technology is called “Hyper 3-Channel Surround Sound with Euphony Technology”, but basically it’s the same virtual surround sound that we are all used to. However, in case you’ve forgot, it makes it sound like you are in the center of the sound regardless of where you are in relation to the device, as long as you aren’t behind it and are in the same room.

The 900 actually won a Best of Innovations award at CES this year, and it has 10 watts output coming from the speakers an analog line-in for those that don’t have Bluetooth audio as an option, and a USB port for hooking up your MP3 Player. The 300 sports Samsung’s new DNSe engine, an only weighs 2.2 ounces and can also act as a hand-free calling unit. The BS300 is already out, and the BS900 should be available sometime in the first half of this year, no price for the 900 though.

Samsung announces BS300, BS900 Bluetooth speakers [via intomobile]

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