Samsung drops new EcoGreen F3EG 2TB HDD for green geeks

Green is a big deal in the tech world today. Green devices tend to use less power than other hardware and many hardware products like hard drives and mainboards used some very harsh and hazardous chemicals in their construction in years past. Samsung has unveiled a new green hard drive called the EcoGreen F3EG.

The new drive has a capacity of 2TB and reaches that capacity with only four platters of 500GB each. The drive has enough storage capacity for 500,000 MP3 songs or 880 hours of DVD video. Samsung uses its EcoTriangle tech in the HDD providing low-power consumption, low-noise, and eco-friendly design.

The drive has no hazardous chemicals in its construction like halogen compounds or BFRs and meets RoHS standards. Samsung also claims that the drive uses 40% less power in idle mode and 10% less power in read/write mode than competing drives. The F3EG uses the 3Gbps SATA interface and is available for $179.99.