Samsung DJ PMP Gets Released

Samsung has announced today the launch of a brand new Personal Music Player (PMP), one that they are boasting is the slimmest and lightest on the market. Sure, that might not be the greatest thing to preach, especially considering usability and interface are paramount when utilizing any kind of personal media, but at least they have something. It's not too bad to look at either, especially if you're a fan of gingerbread cookie men. No, seriously.

The Samsung DJ is only 8.9mm thick, and according to Samsung, that means you could be perfectly comfortable sticking it in your wallet and going about the rest of your day. There's a 2.6-inch touchscreen, that makes it perfect for all your digital turn-table scratching desires. Yep, there's the "Beat DJ" feature, that allows you to scratch records in real time. If that's not enough for you to run out and buy one, users can also add their own voices and sounds effects onto audio files. There's even a drag-and-drop feature, that allows customers to move audio and video files to and from your PC to your DJ PMP to your heart's content.

Surprisingly, navigation around the DJ is handled by the company's TouchWiz interface, which is a paramount feature on their mobile phones currently. A Digital Natural Sound feature provides, according to Samsung, "the highest possible sound quality." The DJ PMP will be available later this month, but there hasn't been any word on pricing. The available memory sizes will be 8GB and 16GB.

[via Register Hardware]