Samsung dives deeper into VR, opens New York studio

JC Torres - Jan 24, 2016, 7:25pm CST
Samsung dives deeper into VR, opens New York studio

If you thought that Samsung‘s Gear VR headset, which was made together with Oculus, was just a temporary distraction for the Korean consumer electronics company, you might have just been proven wrong. At Sundance, one of the most notable film fests in the world, Samsung took the opportunity to announce that it is opening up a studio in New York, located where Samsung’s US marketing team already works in, with the sole purpose of creating immersive experiences. In short, VR content that will most likely blossom this year. Or at least fans and believers of VR would like it to.

Virtual reality is nothing really new. What’s new, however, is the commoditization of hardware that was in the past only available to the most hardcore, or most affluent, of computer scientists. But even back in the day when VR was hyped, the problem has always been the same: the amount of available content, or the lack of it.

Samsung, along with many others, are now taking the steps to address those needs. Oculus has mostly focused on games and interactive content. Now Samsung is apparently trying to do something similar for films. It isn’t saying much about the new studio yet, but for the public, it might have something better to offer.

Samsung also announced a partnership with the Sundance Institute that will last a year. The focus will be on, of course, filmmaking but it probably won’t surprise anyone if there is some VR involved there as well.

Technology has finally reached a point where it is more easily possible to create VR content, both with expensive equipment as well as DIY setups. With more VR headsets and equipment heading our way, you can bet that Samsung isn’t going to be the last company to put its big name behind the budding movement.


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