Samsung Display brags of exceeding 300 million OLED panels produced

Shane McGlaun - Jan 24, 2013, 6:30am CST
Samsung Display brags of exceeding 300 million OLED panels produced

OLED technology has found its way into a number of products since it was invented. We’ve seen a few TVs that use OLED screens, but the incredibly high cost of TVs using the technology has kept them from the mainstream. The more common place to find OLED technology is in the mobile device market with digital cameras, smartphones, and other devices.

One of the largest makers of OLED displays in the world is Samsung Display. The company is bragging today that it has exceeded 300 million OLED panels produced. That number comes since the company began producing displays using the technology in January 2007.

Samsung offered some interesting facts to illustrate how many panels 300 million is. If you stacked all 300 million OLED panels the company has produced on top of one another, they would be more than 68 times the height of Mount Everest. The volume produce works out to over 470,000 panels a day.

Breaking the number down further, Samsung Display produced around 5.4 panels per second. Samsung Display says that they took 4 1/2 years to reach 100 million panels produced mark. With quick adoption of the technology, the next 100 million panels were produced in only seven months. Samsung Display has 98% of the OLED market in the displays are currently used in smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

[via Samsung]

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