Samsung Debuts “SCH-B500”-The Real Slim Slider

Bob Bland - Oct 24, 2006

Avoiding obvious comparisons between a certain notorious white rapper and the newest phone to debut at the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung demonstrated the SCH-B500 today to a crowd that has alternately dubbed it the “Slim&J” and the “Slim Slider”.

Looks aren’t everything (see the Samsung EW-700), but with a cool blue steel finish and a crisp 2.12″ LCD display, the SCH-B500 is definitely sleek. Features include a 2M camera with flash, the black GUI, microSD memory card slot, mp3 & video playback, Bluetooth, TV-out, and a seriously questionable feature called “playing with my pet”. Anyone who can decode what this one means without grossing me out gets free lunch. :)

Lots more pretty pictures after the jump…

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