Samsung Releases New Wifi Smartphone

Hot off the floor of the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung and Korean cordless phone maker Eidicom just released a new Wifi/VoIP smartphone. The "EW-700," while a little clunky in style, runs Samsung's latest Post-PC mobile multimedia processor and comes with all the goodies like a web browser, IM, mp3 & video player and a 2-megapixel camera. Now if only more cities went entirely wireless, I could just Skype it like some of my overseas friends.The Samsung "EW-700" Wifi Smart Phone Running Windows Media Player

A few more specs and a lot more pictures after the jump...

Features include:



*Web browser

*Instant messenger

*mp3 player

*Movie player

*Removable USB storage

*Infrared communication

*2M camera and camcorder function

*Voice recorder

*Outlook data sync

*probably a few more things, but I can't read Korean... :)

First reported at Aving USA on October 23, 2006.