Samsung D600 Reviewed: Highly Recommended

Vincent Nguyen - Dec 29, 2005
Samsung D600 Reviewed: Highly Recommended

There’s probably not a single person in the technology world that hasn’t heard of the Samsung D600. On the second thought, there are always those who’ve been living under a rock. If you’ve ever wanted to see what this thing was really made of, read on…

The Samsung SGH-D600 is an upped version of the D500 which includes an awesome 2MP camera, a bright and brilliantly colored screen, and features that will make you forget it even has any faults. The phone is capable of taking in microSD/TransFlash card up to half a gigabyte to store those high-resolution 2MP pictures and videos. The D600 comes with a 128MB card for extra storage, and 55MB of internal storage which is well enough for the average user.

samsungd600.jpgOne disappointing factor of the D600 is the T9 input, for those of you in the world who text more than you actual “talk” on your cellphone. The user interface of the phone is great, and the overall functionality of the phone, physically, is very decent (specifically the sliding mechanism). I’ve played with this phone at the Samsung store in NYC, and having it connected to a projector on a big screen playing back previously recorded videos was a crazy experience! I couldn’t believe that such beauty and technology was coming from something smaller than my hand.

“The D600 has the typical array of apps installed in it, and has a number of fun games as well. To start with, the calendar can handle a couple of different event types: appointment, anniversary, todo, and miscellaneous. Appointments can have start and end times and dates, as well as a location and a reminder alarm. The reminder alarm system is flexible enough to suit most anybody, I would think.

Other organizer type apps are also available. The alarm app supports a wakeup alarm and two other alarms, and has an option for auto power-on for the phone as well. You’ll also find a very nice and easy to use calculator, as well as a converter, timer, stopwatch, and world clock. An image editor and voice recorder are also available.”

Review of Samsung’s near-perfect D600 Slider [MobileBurn]

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