Samsung Creative Labs puts the focus on kids, skin care

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Tech companies these days are becoming more open with some of their "out of the box" thinking for possible products. Sony has its internal crowdsourcing platform and ZTE has even crowdsourced the conceptualization and design of a future smartphone. While Samsung isn't going that far yet, its Creative Labs shows off ideas and projects even before they become actual products. That is, if they become actual products. Perhaps inspired by the story of WELT, Samsung will be showcasing three new Creative Labs ideas at CES 2017 that will make your skin glow and keep kids busy with even more toys.

Samsung isn't exactly a name you'd associate with skin care, but that could change if this ever comes to the market. It may sound like one of Samsung's apps, but S-Skin is actually a kit that comes with some micro-needle skin patches and an odd-looking handheld device you rub over your skin. That device uses multiple technologies to determine the state of your skin and recommend treatments, some of which can be delivered via those patches. The video that explains it all watches more like a home TV shopping ad, so beware if it makes you feel like ordering one.

Lumini, on the other hand, is less invasive and less in your face (literally) but still odd-looking. It basically utilizes, computer vision and analysis to determine the health of your skin just by taking a photo of your face. It tries to predict problems even before they happen and recommend treatment or even connect you with a health care specialist.

Last but not least is a toy for kids. Or actually a toy add-on. Tag+ might make you think of Samsung's NFC Tec Tiles, but the two have nothing at all in common. Tag+ is basically a small Bluetooth button that can be packaged with toys to offer additional digital content that can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Tag+ doesn't actually add anything to the toy itself, like control the toy, but tries to add value with guides and even a (potentially dangerous) video chat app.

These are just some of the things that Samsung's Creative Labs will demo at the CES 2017 showroom floor, in the hopes that at least one of them generates enough interest to be spun off as a subsidiary. Some previous projects have indeed enjoyed such a fate and will also be in Las Vegas to flaunt their bright ideas.

SOURCE: Samsung