Samsung Camera Concept with a Plug Twist

Chris Burns - Dec 15, 2010
Samsung Camera Concept with a Plug Twist

Modern cameras have evolved to the point where it’s almost silly to think you’ll have to take time to process the photos, even going through the trouble of transferring them to the computer with a wire is almost passe. But what’s this? A concept that dares you to not only take a step back, but take a step sideways and have FUN with the idea that you plug in to access? Take a peek at this “UCIM Camera” by Jung Eun Park, whose main function is sharing via USB sticks.

Ports and ports and ports! I’ve never seen a camera with so many ports – and they’re basically all USB! This camera aims to take photos and plant them directly unto USB sticks which can then be given directly to a set of friends so that they might all have the photos in their original format – for sharing on the internet, for printing, for anything. Simple and lovely. Plus it looks like candy.

[Via Yanko Design]

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