Samsung Buys 5% Stake In Wacom For $58.9 Million

In a move that only proves that Samsung is committed to the stylus, the Korean-based company bought a 5% stake in stylus and design tablet maker Wacom for $58.9 million. Wacom is infamous for their digital drawing tablets, and they're pretty much the industry standard when it comes to that. Plus, the company's technology is used in both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, as well as a couple of their tablets.

We know that Samsung is a big believer in the stylus, so this investment may not seem like a huge surprise to most, especially since the two companies have already been working together for quite some time. With this deal, we could see a lot more Samsung devices come with styluses, including the upcoming Galaxy S IV, which is rumored to be getting the S-Pen.

While that specific rumor is shaky at best, we're at least guaranteed to see more of Wacom's technology be built into upcoming Samsung "Note" devices, since that's a lineup that the company says is all about productivity, but it'll be interesting to see where the investment takes Samsung, and how they'll further use Wacom technology with upcoming devices.

The only remaining question is, how does this affect Wacom? They'll surely get more business from Samsung, but what this affect how Wacom handles business with other companies that compete with Samsung? With only a 5% stake, we doubt Samsung will have much control over that sort of thing, but it'll be fun to find out how it's all handled.