Samsung budget foldable could just be a cheaper Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung is clearly trying to finally cash in on the foldable phone dream it seeded more than a decade ago. In a few weeks, it will practically have four foldable devices in the market, two "regular" book-type phones and two clamshell flip phones. None of these, however, is something most consumers can afford even if they wanted one so badly. Fortunately, there are rumors of Samsung making a more affordable foldable device but it might not be what many people might be hoping for.SamMobile's sources point to a new device with the SM-F415 model number. Samsung has now used the "F" label for all its foldable phones, both the Fold type and the flip type. That at least tells us this device will be a foldable but doesn't hint which type it would be. Unfortunately, its affordability pretty much dictates it will take after the Galaxy Z Flip instead.

To be more affordable than the lowest $1,380 price tag of the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung will have to cut a lot of corners. The biggest cut it will be able to make that will make any difference is the screen. A Galaxy Z Fold 2 type of device would require not only a larger flexible panel but also a second screen on the outside. A clamshell form factor, on the other hand, solves both.

There will be other compromises, too, such as a downgrade to a non-5G Snapdragon processor, possibly even a 600 series. Cameras will probably be hit hard as well, though the Galaxy Z Flip doesn't have high-end cameras, to begin with.

Of course, there are still too many unknown pieces in this puzzle and it's far too early to say if it'll even become reality. If Samsung does manage to put out even an $800 foldable phone, though, it could definitely help make the idea of foldables less alien, making it easier for future devices to gain acceptance.