Samsung beats Vizio in TV market, balance restored to the Force

Vizio, the company that came to market and then went straight to the number one spot due to their respectable HD LCD displays and extremely cheap prices has lost the number one spot. Its ok, they shouldn't feel bad about it, they lost it to Samsung, a company known for making most of the best displays out there, personally, I would feel honored to lose to such a worthy opponent.

There are a few reasons given why this change in power might have happened, probably the best is the lack of 1080p from the Vizio lineup, I don't think they are completely devoid of a 1080p set, but Samsung has far more of them. Another reason blames where they different sets are marketed.

Basically since up until recently Vizio has pretty much only been sold in club stores like Sam's, Costco, and other places like that, where they sell TVs all year round, whereas Samsung is sold in major chain stores where there are large spikes in sales around the holidays and then presumably again around major games, such as the super bowl. Anyways, congratulations to Samsung on regaining the Number 1 Spot.

Samsung regains TV market lead; Vizio back to No. 2 [via]