Samsung BD-UP5000 BD HD-DVD Hybrid coming soon

James Allan Brady - Dec 6, 2007

Alright, so, first there were talks of Samsung dropping a new dual format player before the end of the year. Then there were rumors that the same player wouldn’t make it out the door before next year.

Now there are rumors that its back on schedule for mid-december (next week). And, according to Dealerscope, who apparently received the word from on high (Samsung), the player is actually shipping to retailers now, and should be available by the original mid-December target date.

Furthermore, the price has apparently dropped from being a dollar away from a cool thousand dollars to being a noticeably cheaper dollar away from $800. I am a gamer, not a hardcore one, but I enjoy playing its fun, and I like leveraging the other features of my systems, so, if I wanted a Blu-Ray and HD-DVD player, I’d go buy a PS3 and the HD-DVD attachment for my 360 and call it done, and still have change leftover from $800.

Samsung Says BD-UP5000 BD HD DVD Hybrid Still on Track [via i4u]

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