Samsung and Qualcomm form the Alliance for Wireless Power

It might not quite as exciting as The Avengers initiative, but Samsung and Qualcomm are committed to bringing wireless charging to the masses. The two companies have announced the formation of the Alliance for Wireless Power, a group dedicated to promoting wireless power across the globe, as well as develop new products using the technology.

The partnership includes such companies as Powermat, SK Telecom, and Ever Win Industries, with the group working together to create a more advanced wireless power technology. The benefits would include the ability to charge through different materials, as well as the charging of accessories like Bluetooth headsets while simultaneously being paired with a tablet.

Other companies are welcome to participate in the new venture from just about all walks of tech, including general consumer electronics, cars, and furniture. It's shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to see Powermat on the roster, and Samsung has been keen to point out the new wireless charging mat available for the Samsung Galaxy S III. IMS Research says that shipments of wireless power devices will reach 100 million by 2015, so the future may very well be tangle free.