Samsung and EU antitrust settlement needs only minor changes for approval

Shane McGlaun - Dec 12, 2013
Samsung and EU antitrust settlement needs only minor changes for approval

Samsung is reportedly close to making a settlement with the EU to end an investigation having to do with key patents it holds. Sources familiar with the Samsung case claim that the settlement likely requires only minor changes to win approval from regulators. The patents at the heart of the case involve some that are required for competitors to comply with global technology standards.

The sources claim that mostly positive feedback has been received on the settlement deal that will see Samsung promise to no longer seek injunctions in Europe against competitors when those key patents are in question. One of the sources claims that the changes may involve Samsung spelling out how exactly it will handle disputes over the tech in question.

This probe has been ongoing for nearly two years and the settlement could help Samsung avoid fines. EU antitrust head Joquin Alumnia has stated he is targeting the “rules of the game” to help prevent companies from stifling competition by leveraging their patents. Alumia has said that the Samsung case if the first of those pending that is expected to be decided.

Samsung is expected to discuss “possible improvements” with the EU in the next few weeks. Samsung has made no official comments on the investigation or a possible settlement. Samsung had stated in October that it would seek no injunction to block sales of smartphones or tablets using patents that are part of technology standards for five years if companies are willing to seek fair licensing terms.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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