Samsung AMOLED RFID e-passport video demo

Samsung have been demonstrating their latest AMOLED concept, an e-passport that embeds a 2-inch QVGA resolution flexible display into an identity card.  Intended to show a 360-degree view of the card-holder, rather than just a full-on headshot, the e-passport uses an AMOLED display so frugal it can be powered wireless via an RFID reader.Video demo after the cut

Usually the display is blank (hence the need for a normal picture, as not everywhere will have an RFID reader) but when held close to the scanner it powers up and automatically shows the video.  Apparently the AMOLED itself, as well as being flexible, has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and can display 260k colors.

Of course, as well as showing more detail regarding the legitimate card-holder, it also makes the whole thing more difficult to counterfeit.  There's still no word on when - or even if – this concept will go into production, but you can bet there are security-obsessed government departments all over the world looking on with great interest.