Samsung ads take shots at Apple again, defies math

When is 6 not equal to 6 and is actually greater than 6? When you're Samsung. Apparently, the Korean manufacturer has managed not only to bend its screens but also the laws of math. Its latest ads are unabashedly aimed at Apple again, which is somewhat refreshing, since we haven't seen a Samsung v Apple ad lately. Two videos, in particular pit the Galaxy S6 edge against the iPhone 6, ending with the conclusion that 6 is greater than 6, though Samsung might want to do some accounting of its own first.

One of the videos more or less balances itself out. It first speaks of the Galaxy S6 Edge's wireless charging capabilities and the iPhone 6's lack of it, which is a fair comparison. One, however, might argue that wireless charging ain't all that just yet. That said, Samsung's flagship does support both competing wireless charging standards, so you won't be at a loss whenever there is a pad around. Besides, how else can you have a fancy looking Iron Man themed charging pad except with a wireless charger.

The wider front camera angles might be a bit debatable. Quantity doesn't always translate to quality, and Samsung's front camera might not exactly be up to snuff against Apple's. Now if Samsung pitted the rear camera, then we might have some independent figures to back that up, seeing as how DxOMark puts the Galaxy S6 twins above the iPhone 6.

Things get a bit murky with the second video, though, which speaks of the Galaxy S6 edge's real key feature: its edge. The personalized color when someone calls and the news and messages feed are compared against the iPhone 6's, well, buttons. That's almost a sell except that Samsung, of course, isn't going to tell you what's wrong with those features. The fancy light only activates if the phone is face down a surface, which you probably rarely do to protect your screen. And the edge news is pretty much the only other functionality that it has. Even the Galaxy Note Edge had more uses for its edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is definitely a thing of beauty and, in some cases, it does have an edge over the iPhone 6s and its other rivals. Almost ironically, its edge is actually both a feature and a liability, until Samsung decides to add more functionality on the side or let others do it for them. Until then, we'll stick to our math, thank you.