Samsung adds S3 Station and S2 portable external HDDs to line

Every computer user really needs external storage for making backups. Many computer users never back up their data and have no way to get their important documents back if the computer fails unexpectedly. External storage is needed to allow users to back their data up.Samsung has announced the addition of two new external hard drives to its S-series line. The two new drives are the 3.5-inch 2TB S3 Station and the 2.5-inch 640GB S2 portable. Samsung says that the 640GB HDD can store up to 128,000 digital images, 160,000 MP3 tracks, or 77 hours of HD video.

The larger 2TB external drive is aimed directly at computer users who need to back up large files and the drive has a small footprint and a glossy black case for good looks. Both of the new drives include security features like Auto Backup, SecretZone, and SafetyKey. The S2 Portable will ship in September with the S3 Station shipping in early 2010.