Samsung adds affordable SmartThings camera, bulbs and smart plug

Chris Davies - Jun 24, 2019, 9:16am CDT
Samsung adds affordable SmartThings camera, bulbs and smart plug

Samsung’s SmartThings has added a new connected camera, LED bulb, and WiFi smart plug to its line-up, and unusually most don’t need to be connected to the SmartThings hub in order to work. The smart home platform was revamped back in 2018, with an updated and more powerful hub, along with a new set of sensors.

Now, Samsung is checking off some of the most common points of entry to the smart home segment. The SmartThings Cam, for example, is a compact connected cameras with Full HD 1080p resolution and a 145-degree, wide-angle lens.

There’s support for both night vision and HDR video, for better visibility across a variety of light conditions. Two way audio is also included, so that as well as being able to hear what’s going on along with seeing it, users will also be able to talk to those the camera has spotted.

Samsung says the SmartThings Cam can differentiate between people versus the movement of pets or passing vehicles. There’s also support for activity zones, within which specific movement will trigger an alert. 24 hours of cloud storage for captured video is included free, for up to four cameras per account.

Alternatively, there’s a premium 30-day cloud storage plan, which is priced at $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. That storage can be shared among up to eight SmartThings Cams, making it potentially highly cost effective compared to other platforms for homes with multiple cameras connected.

As with other SmartThings products, the SmartThings Cam can act as a trigger for other devices. For example, movement spotted by the camera can cause lights to switch on. Unusually, however, Samsung says the camera doesn’t actually need to be connected to a SmartThings Hub in order to work, since it can pair directly to your WiFi network.

The same is true for the new SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug. That plugs in-between a regular outlet and, say, a lamp or a fan, and makes them controllable through the SmartThings platform. The new SmartThings Smart Bulb, though, does require the hub, and can be adjusted for brightness though not color or white light temperature.

The SmartThings Cam is priced at $89.99, while the WiFi Smart Plug is $17.99 and the Smart Bulb at $9.99. All are available from today.

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