Samsung adds 62 new pieces of artwork to Frame TV Art Store

Samsung's stylish "The Frame" TV can now display additional artwork thanks to new partnerships with The Van Gogh Museum, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, and Uffizi Galleries. Under this partnership, Samsung is able to offer The Frame TV owners access to an additional 62 pieces of artwork through the platform's Art Store.

The Frame is a unique TV capable of blending into a room's existing decor when not in use. The television is designed to display artwork, which is acquired through Samsung's Art Store where more than 1,000 pieces of artwork are legally accessible. Under the partnerships with these three museums and galleries, customers now have another 62 pieces of artwork to choose from.

Users can find artwork based on categories like composition, colors, and other filters. These improved personalization options make it easier for users to discover new artists and pieces of artwork that suit their tastes or fit in with existing room decor.

Frame TV owners don't have to manually switch to every new piece of art, instead also having the option to create their own custom galleries and slideshows, which play throughout the day to keep things fresh. Users can choose intervals for artwork refreshing that ranges from every 10 minutes to once per week.

Samsung has built-in brightness sensors the monitor the ambient light in the room where the TV is located. This technology is used to automatically adjust the TV's brightness levels, keeping them in the ideal range for the room at any given time. As well, the product features motion sensors for automatically turning the TV off when no one is around to see it.

Samsung offers "The Frame" in sizes ranging from 43- to 65-inches. Buyers can choose different bezels, including black, white, beige wood, and walnut. To help maintain the aesthetic, Samsung includes One Visible Connection, which makes the AV and power cables "near-invisible."