Samsung ad takes shots at 10 years of iPhone "innovation"

The "X" in the iPhone X isn't a reference to some mutant superhero team. It is a reference to the 10th generation iPhone, which is probably going to cause some confusion on how to call the $1,000 model. Just a week in, it has already been garnering positive reviews, and raising some questions, all on par for another Apple bestseller. So what is an eternal rival like Samsung to do? Why make an ad, of course! Specifically, one that "celebrates" the iPhone's 10 years while calling attention to the things that it missed out on in those 10 years that, naturally, Samsung has today.

The one minute clip hints at how Apple fans will always line up, year after year, for the next iPhone model. Rain or shine, they'll be there. In fact, the lines in the video might be too thin to be even believable. Perhaps Samsung's marketing team didn't have the budget to high more extras.

Of course, the focus of the video dwells on some features that Apple either only recently gained, still doesn't have, or even lost. In 2010, iPhone users were still being plagued with the lack of storage after they've taken a once in a lifetime picture. In 2016, the iPhone ditched the headphone jack, forcing many to resort to its provided dongle.

There are some features that Apple did eventually deliver, like waterproofing and large screens. Apple has yet to implement Apple Pencil support for iPhones, though that is probably a longer shot than any other rumored feature.

Samsung's message, practically summed up in the ad's title, is that the iPhone is still growing up. And if you really want a grown-up smartphone, you'd go for a Samsung Galaxy, specifically its $1,000 Galaxy Note 8. Of course, some will probably point out how Samsung's phones need some growing up as well, and that poking fun at others isn't exactly a sign of maturity. Then again, when it comes to the smartphone marketing and advertising, almost everyone, Apple included, can be a bit childish at times.