Samsung ad openly mocks iPhone X download speed

Ads that try to poke fun or even diss competitors often fall under one of two types: tastefully funny or outright mockery. Samsung's anti-iPhone ads have fluctuated between those two, sometimes even falling somewhere in between. This newest video clip is somewhat of the latter, explicitly calling out the iPhone X and its "not as fast as the Galaxy S9" download speed. Whether the ad is actually entertaining or not, you decide.

The clip is entitled "Ingenius", and, no, that's not a typo. It is a not so subtle jab at Apple's Genius bars, which some might argue may or may not be an accurate name. Given the Genius' inability to formulate a proper response to the customer in the ad, it's definitely a questionable moniker.

The issue in question is the iPhone X's download speed, which is faster than the iPhone 8's but, according to some studies, slower than the Galaxy S9. It isn't unheard of for Samsung to actually spell out the iPhone's name but some of its best ads were the ones that only implied it. Then again, it doesn't take a genius, no pun intended, to know who Samsung is mocking.

While the Galaxy S9 may have an advantage over the iPhone X in LTE speeds, there will be no shortage of iPhone users who will happily point out that it may be the only advantage it has. You may indeed be able to finish download or streaming that video quickly, but when your phone dies out from half a day of use, then you might need to get your priorities sorted.