Samsung active 3D glasses for LED 3D TVs get price

I am really looking forward to 3D TV in my living room. I have already talked about the Samsung 3D TVs that are coming to Europe and the US soon. I also mentioned that the sets don't come with 3D glasses; you have to buy those separately.

I have been worried that Samsung and other TV makers will all stick with active technology, not because it is better, but because they can charge us an arm and a leg for the active 3D glasses. It seems with Samsung at least, I was correct. Each pair of active glasses for Samsung TVs will sell for $150. That means a family of four will spend an extra $600 on glasses alone after dropping $3,000 or more on the 3D TV.

I had hoped that there would be lots of passive 3D screens offered too. Then I could just keep the glasses from my local movie theater rather than cramming them into the recycle box after the flick. Another bad thing about the glasses from Samsung is that they aren't sized for kids and they aren't rechargeable, they use CR2025 batteries. I really hate Samsung right now.