Samsung 8MP CMOS for mobile phones - could mean 8MP stills from your phone by next year

Imagine how small your digital camera could be if you had a camera module, including CMOS, which was about 10mm, cubed in size. It's actually 10.5x11.5x9.4 millimeters in size, but you get the idea.

It apparently already exists, and has been made by Samsung. However it will be used in mobile phones as I hope that you've come to expect better lenses than those offered from a mobile phone cam.

The best part is that right around the time you start seeing Android phones, the OS that more or less requires a fairly powerful mobile graphics chip, yeah, that's about the same time you'll see a camera on a phone taking those 8MP shots. Kind of fitting no? anywho, they are going into mass production in the first two quarters of next year.

Samsung Paves the Way for the 8-Megapixel Camera Phone [via gizmodo]