Samsung 650TS Electronic Blackboard Makes us Wish we were Back in School

When we were in school, there were the traditional, painfully loud and annoying blackboards and chalk. Sure, they made awesome chalk clouds, but other than that, the boards were more of a nuisance than anything else. And then came the whiteboard, which was quickly adopted in schools all over the world. Dry-erase markers were the thing of the future! Well, it looks like the future is changing, because Samsung wants students to look at giant LCD screens now, and we can't blame them.

But that's only because we love looking at giant LCD screens, too. Samsung has introduced the 650TS Electronic Blackboard (eBoard?) to 300 elementary schools in the Netherlands, and an additional 100 units have been sent out to be deployed within England's school district. There are more orders waiting, and Samsung has made it clear that further orders will be met by the end of May. And, while Samsung has the Electronic Blackboard focused at the education department, they're happy with the amount of orders they've received from global accounting firms, along with large consulting companies as well.

So, what does the 650TS eBoard do? It's a giant, 65-inch LCD touchscreen display that has a built-in PC to make it functional. It also has speakers, and blackboard software so it can actually be used as it's generally intended. Teachers can use the board to pull up Internet videos, surf the Web in general, as well as create projects for kids. The blackboard software allows for the touchscreen interface to be utilized to its fullest extent, and all of this can be done without having to change any particular views, or screens. There doesn't seem to be any word on when this might come to the United States, but we imagine if a school principal wanted to put in an order or two, Samsung wouldn't object.

[via Samsung Hub]