Samsung 55-Inch Curved UHD OLED TV has Multi-View and more

Samsung's press conference at IFA 2013 is over and we have more details on the company's new line of televisions. One of the TVs it was unveiled during the conference was the new 55-inch Curved OLED TV. Samsung says that this new TV delivers an "unprecedented leap forward in picture quality and design" thanks to adding Ultra HD resolution.

Samsung says that the curved frame and TV was inspired by the concept it calls "Timeless Arena." One of the big features that allows this OLED television to deliver such high image quality is the fact that when each individual pixel isn't needed it is completely black delivering very high contrast ratios. Samsung didn't mention the exact contrast ratio for the screen, but it should be impressive.

The television also promises to deliver true life colors thanks to the OLED panels ability to reproduce colors with levels of clarity traditional TVs can't match. The reason for the curved screen is that it provides a picture with greater presence and depth than a flatscreen can deliver. Samsung designed the TV so that the screen appears to float above its metal frame.

Samsung says the design provides a "sense of strength and softness at the same time." The television also features the Samsung Smart Hub with S Recommendation allowing for social networking and viewing recommendations. One of the most interesting features of the TV is the Multi-View capability. The capability means that two people in the same room can watch two different programs at the same time on the same screen using Multi-View glasses and earbuds to provide stereo sound. What that means in the real world is that rather than watching the same episode of SpongeBob SquarePants for the millionth time with your daughter, you can watch How It's Made or the big game.

The TV panel's high refresh rate makes it possible for you to enjoy different programs simultaneously. Samsung also notes that viewers can watch any combination of 2-D and 3-D content at the same time. The 55-inch curved screen OLED TV will have a price tag of about $8000 in Europe ($8999 in the US).

SOURCE: Samsung