Samsung 50nm 2GB DDR3 chips are industry's smallest

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Samsung have taken the wraps off of the industry's smallest 2GB DDR3 memory chips, built using 50nm processes, which allows for 60-percent higher productivity than DDR2 chips of an equivalent density.  It opens the door for up to 16GB RIMMS (Registered In-line Memory Modules) that save 40-percent of the power required for the same RIMM based on 1GB DDR3 chips.

If space is the premium concern, the new 2GB DDR3 chips can be combined to make 8GB RIMMS without component stacking; that means devices using the memory can offer larger-capacity chips without requiring a larger physical casing.  Samsung's volume production of 50nm 1GB DDR3 chips began in April 2008.

The company is currently sampling the new 2GB chips, though there is no timescale announced for their full-scale production.  Nonetheless, this is good news for ultraportable and mobility devices, with the promise of faster computing with longer battery life and no negative impact on portability.

[via AVING]