Samsung 500GB Spinpoint M7 HDD revealed

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If you are hard on your notebooks, then you'll be interested in hearing that Samsung has just announced a brand new hard drive they think will add a touch of rugged appeal to the standard laptop fare. It's called the 500GB Spinpoint M7 drive and it holds up to abuse while still packing in the storage space.

The new M7 is much like any other 2.5-inch drive, but it has one unique feature: it can stand up to 400G/2ms of shock. That's some serious tossing around! It also sports a hard shell that helps to prevent drive skipping and damage.

Even better yet, power consumption is reduced due to a new drive controller. Other specs include a spin rate of 5,400RPM and an 8MB buffer. It will also be available in 250GB, 320GB and 400GB versions. You should be able to get your hands on this new drive starting by the end of the month.