Samsung's 3-inch VGA LCD for Digital Camera

Samsung has developed the first 3-inch LCD display featuring 640 by 480 (VGA) resolution.  This new technology will have a major impact on how we view images and videos, on the screens of future digital cameras as well as digital media players and other products requiring high-image resolution.  Under normal circumstances, higher resolution displays require higher power consumption; that's not the case here.

Executive Vice President Yun Jin-hyuk of Samsung Electronics said, "Our new LCD panel will make viewing of digital pictures distinctly more impressive on camera screens, personal multi-media players and other products requiring high-image resolution and low-power consumption."

Current technology will only allow still-camera view screens to work with LCDs with 320 by 240 pixel-resolution.  It's quit a cumbersome process to convert the 30Hz signals of digital cameras to an LCD viewable 60Hz.  Thanks to Samsung's new LCD display operates at 30Hz natively.  The conversion process is no longer required, yielding a higher 640 by 480 resolutions.

New digital cameras will be sport the new LCD panels in the first half of next year.

Samsung develops LCD screen of 3inch VGA for digital cameras [AVING News]