Samsung 24 SSD test: 2121MB/s read, 0.8s DVD rips

Samsung are suggesting that their SSD "Awesomeness" test rig was intended to show the flexibility and speed of solid-state drives.  I think they just want to prompt screenshots like this one, with twenty-four 256GB SATA-II SSDs spilling out of a massive RAID setup, offering 6TB raw capacity and 2121.29MB/sec sequential read and 2000.195MB/sec sequential write speeds.Video demo after the cut

The stats are pretty darn impressive: the test rig is capable of loading the entirety of Microsoft Office in half a second, while ripping a full 700MB DVD took a little longer at 0.8 seconds.  Opening 53 full apps took place in 18.09 seconds.

Of course, if you want to set up your own system using 24 of Samsung's 256GB SATA-II SSDs, you'll need to have a fair amount in savings.  Final pricing for the drive hasn't been announced, but previous estimates have pegged it at roughly $500 per unit; that means $12,000 on storage alone, before you take into account the rest of the RAID hardware needed.