Sample Lab – the place for sample freebies

Christina Crouch - Nov 26, 2007

I love free stuff, whether its pens, key chains, candy, toys, food stuffs, mini shampoos, etc… I want it, they’re free and there, I’ll take it. Anyone who says they don’t like free things they are either lying or in denial. Free things rock and that’s what makes this Japanese idea so awesome.

The Sample Lab is literally that. It’s a place you can go to get free samples of stuff. While technically it isn’t free, you do have to pay an annual $11 fee, it’s still a bargain. Every time you visit you can have up to 5 sample items.

The only downside I can see to this is that you do have to pre-register via cell phone or computer and that leads me to wonder how often you’re allowed to visit. Personally, if were available in the US I’d go once a week, at least, and I know I’m not the only one.

Japanese Sample Lab Gives Away Freebies to Customers [via Chip Chick]

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