SALAGAR Sonics Symphony S210 speakers

What's the most impressive thing about these speakers other than their appearance? They have amps from ICEpower built into them, class D amps for that matter.

ICEpower is a division of B&O so you know they have the best quality stuff in there. The speaker's appearance comes from the shape of orchestra string instruments and produces a great sound.

There are digital audio crossovers, processors and controllers all built into these speakers, so the audio is guaranteed to come in clean, then be divided into highs and then mids/bass and then output to the proper controllers, then at some point that all goes through the ICEpower amps, which keeps the audio clean by using XLR connectors, and out the other end comes what I assume must be a pretty amazing sound. Really I think other than having some matching high end components to output the audio, I think the only thing you could do to make this work any better is to condition the power in your house. The only thing you might not like about these speakers are the $8 grand a pair price.

SALAGAR Symphony S210 self-amplified speaker [via coolest-gadgets]