Saitek Eclipse III is backlit keyboard for gamers

If you make it a habit to play video games or use your computer in the dark, then you'll definitely have to check out the Eclipse III from Saitek. This keyboard not only looks cool. It also is backlit, making gaming in the dark super easy.

A lot of people play games in the middle of the night and so as to not disturb others in the house, they will keep the lights off. But this can make seeing the keyboard difficult and not to mention, it's bad on the eyes. This Saitek keyboard is equipped for low-light computing and gaming, so you can see what keys you're hitting.

This keyboard can be set to backlight in different colors. It is connected to your computer by means of USB and it sports a 2-stage height adjustment feature, in order to ensure your typing is as comfortable as possible. Many shortcut keys can be programmed to perform whatever function you like, the keys themselves are laser-etched and microphone and head phone ports are included. Pricing and availability are not yet known, but we'll keep our eyes on this one for you.