Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell launch-trailer revealed

The following video is a preview for a game that may not be appropriate for children. In fact we're sure of it. The release of a new Saints Row game with a Mature rating attached to it is as sure a thing as the giggles that follow. Here we're having a peek at the first release trailer for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, beyond the gameplay, preparing you for the first launch as it approaches in under a week. Don't forget to watch out for clues to the next chapter as well – this is the end, after all!

With the release of every new Saints Row game, you can be sure you'll be bashing the brains out of your enemies just as often as you're laughing at your own pain. With the newest release you're seeing here,

In this edition you're going to be bashing it up with a collection of high-profile celebrities from the history of evil. Imagine your date with Vlad the Impaler. See the high seas with Blackbeard the pirate!

Even William Shakespeare is here to join in on the fire-ridden eternal apocalypse of fun that is Hell!

Hell-related weapons, neo-super-powers, and professional wrestling moves you've not seen since the last Saints Row! That's assuming you're not still playing Saints Row IV right now, of course.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is also being bashed about here too – it'll be a whole lot better than the original. You can play it next week too!

You can get all the fabulous excellence that is DLCs with both boxes – pair up or buy both games individually. You're going to get all busted up – guaranteed!