SafeCell testing cheap in-flight MMS

I bet there are many people out there who have hopped a commercial flight for business or pleasure and been stuck next to a fat person spilling over into their seat or a screaming kid the whole flight. It gives you a good story to tell when you land, but why wait. With a new in-flight MMS service that has been tested successfully, you could just send a pic of the offending person to your friends.ASI Entertainment reports that ASiQ Ltd has successfully tested the MMS capability of the SafeCell system on the latest Thuraya network and the existing Inmarsat network. I'm not sure what all that means, but the closer we get to giving me all the connected features I have on the ground in the air the better.

There is nothing worse than being on a plane for hours with nothing to do by wish you were at your destination already. The MMS service promises to be cheap with in-flight MMS messages costing about 50 cents each globally. This will be a good addition to the in-flight Wi-Fi we already enjoy.