Safari 6 now available for download

Along with Mountain Lion, Apple has begun to roll out updates for several of its core Mac OS X apps, including Safari 6. The updated browser will be available for Lion as well as Mountain Lion, and features several new features over its predecessor, including Smart Search Field, Offline Reading List, Do Not Track, a password pane, and support for Baidu, a Chinese search engine. Some features, however, will only be available on Mountain Lion.

iCloud Tabs is one such feature. That will save whatever pages are open on your Mountain Lion device and sync them to an iOS device when you next open Safari. Tab View, meanwhile, allows you to pinch out in the browser and see a zoomed out card like view of your open pages, not unlike what you'd see on Safari for iOS. Reading List is Apple's equivalent of Instapaper, bookmarking and saving websites to read offline.

Safari 6 also sees a unified URL bar and search field, mimicking functionality in Chrome that allows you to search or type in URLs from the same bar. Do Not Track isn't too far off Incognito mode, setting a flag that tells websites not to track your activity or save any cookies, and the password pane allows you to manage any saved login details for websites. If you're a fan of Apple's browser and want the latest and greatest, hit up this link and get downloading. Those hoping for a Windows version of the browser might be out of luck, however, as Apple seems to have scrubbed it from the website.