Sabertron swords keep score as you fight with friends

I can't count the number of faux sword fights I've been in over the years. My son has a couple of toy light sabers and we occasionally have duels around the house even today. The problem is that someone always insists that they got the other and no one wants to admit they were hit. A company called Sabertron has announced a slick sword fighting system that kids and adults alike will appreciate.

The swords come in two versions with one that glows and looks like a light saber and another that looks like a traditional sword. Whichever version of the sword you choose; they each keep track of the score when you tag your opponent. The traditional sword has "V" shaped LED indicators on the bottom of the blade that count down to a win.

The light saber style version has rings around the end of the handle to count down. The swords also have sensors to give you sound effects during play along with LED effects. The swords offer five game modes including a fast match where one strike wins or a long match with multiple hits required.

The company plans to launch accessories that go along with the swords with interactive armor elements like shields and helmets. This stuff sounds cool and the only drawback is that the swords aren't available to purchase now. The items are concepts and may be going into a crowd sourced funding program soon to raise the money to enter production.

SOURCE: Sabertron