SaberTooth ZF Turbo ZIF 1.8″ SSD for notebooks debuts

Shane McGlaun - Jan 24, 2011
SaberTooth ZF Turbo ZIF 1.8″ SSD for notebooks debuts

Active Media Products has announced a new SSD that is a replacement for notebooks and netbooks that use 1.8-inch storage drives inside. The new drive is called the SaberTooth ZF Turbo ZIF SSD. The storage drive connects to machines using parallel ATA (PATA/IDE) ZIF interface.

The drive is very thin at 5mm thick and comes in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities. AMP says that the new SSD is a good upgrade for MacBook Air, HP Inspiron Mini 12, and other notebooks including some from Sony. The new SSD uses MLC flash and has special power saving circuits to increase battery life for the notebooks it is used in.

Other features of the SSD include ECC error correction, bad bit management, and the drive ships with the screwdriver needed for installation and an installation guide. The drive will work in most computers that use 1.8-inch 40-pin ZIF cables. The 32GB SSD is $129.95, the 64GB version is $189.95, and the 128GB version is $349.95.

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