S1Digital BDC 100 Disc Blu-ray changer now shipping

I use my PS3 to play Blu-ray discs at home and I have tons of games for the console. My kids use the thing more than I do though and they always seem to forget to put the games and movies back in the case when they are done. I have often wished that there were a way to put several discs inside the PS3 at once so you don't have to change them out as often.

A company called S1Digital has announced a new Blu-ray changer that won't let me put a bunch of discs in my PS3, but if you have a huge Blu-ray movie collection you can cram 100 of your favorite flicks inside the thing and watch movies until your heart is content. The gadget is called simply enough the 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer.

The system is designed to be connected to a digital media center running Windows 7 or Vista and it ships with My Movies software. The software lets you browse all the films in the collection and view cover art automatically downloaded to the server for each movie. The device also allows the archiving of CDs and plain DVD movies as well. It connects to the PC via a USB 2.0 port and the software allows ripping content to Windows Home Server. The product is shipping now for $1,500.