Ryan Seacrest leaks Draw Something 2 on Twitter

Brian Sin - Mar 18, 2013
Ryan Seacrest leaks Draw Something 2 on Twitter

Ryan Seacrest, known as the host of American Idol and also as a radio host for New York’s Z100, leaked out what appears to be a sequel to the ever popular social game, Draw Something. Seacrest wrote in a tweet, “I somehow convinced them to give me #DrawSomething2 first… this may be the best Mariah & Randy have ever looked.” Alongside the tweet, he posted an image of a very well drawn picture of the American Idol judges.

After Seacrest tweeted the game, Dan Porter, the CEO of OMGPOP (the original owner of the game) and Zynga VP, replied saying, “Thanks! So excited to confirm #DrawSomething2 is coming w/ new ways to draw & connect.” Zynga owns the rights to OMGPOP and Draw Something after buying the company out for $210 million last year. The drawing game became an instant mobile success attracting 14 million daily users and 50 million downloads within 2 months.

Ryan Seacrest leaks Draw Something 2 on Twitter 1

Draw Something’s fame began dramatically decreasing, seeing its user base drop about 7 million 3 months after it was released in various app stores. Many users began getting bored of the game after the same words would show up time and time again, and advertisements would come and disrupt game play. Zynga hopes that by launching a new refresh to the game, it will be able to draw in its original user base, and hopefully keep them this time around.

It’s speculated that Ryan Seacrest and his Draw Something 2 tweet may have some sort of tie to a new show he will be producing. The new show will be based on a Draw Something and Pictionary. Zynga and Ryan Seacrest see great potential in a drawing-like competition, because teams will have to compete each other, and instead of having the biggest brains or fastest reactions, they will have to be superior artists in order to win. The show is said to be airing something this year. Will you jump back on the Draw Something bandwagon?

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