RV2Internet - The most powerful WiFi antenna you'll find for your RV

I've never driven cross-country in an RV before, though I did used to hang out in an old Winnebago back in high school with my friends. I don't think I could stand to be out on the road long enough to justify the need for an RV. The biggest reason is that I don't think I could live without a decent internet connection.

The RV2Internet promises to give you internet virtually anywhere. So long as there is a WiFi connection. That actually sounds quite uninteresting, as I would be more interested in having a connection while actually on the road. However, it does have a far more powerful antenna than you'll find in your notebook, so it will pick up open WiFi signals from much farther away.

I'm sure that plenty of hardcore geeks would love to utilize something like this for wardriving and such. Just imaging the kind of signal you'd get. The price is enough to make you lose interest, unless you really need that WiFi connection. $499 will get you the whole package, not including installation.

Get Your RV Internet On [via uberreview]